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Military pay chart, by rank & years of service. This is MONTHLY pay. Note below is just base pay. They get anywhere from $1000-3,000/month more that is TAX FREE

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i don't know how easy it is to do this in the navy, but in the army, when promotions lull in a particular MOS, most people just reclass under a different MOS.  I know of someone who actually served under SEVEN different MOS classifications in his 20 year stint.  I myself will have served under at least five (due to specialized training and MOS changes after special schools) within my first 7 years.  11B, airborne/air assault, sniper, 18X/C, and eventually 18O.  Yes, military pay could be better considering we put our lives on the line every day we go to work, but most people in the military (or at least in my opinion, the ones who joined for the right reasons) are there to serve, not get rich... besides, when you tally up free/rediculously reduced healthcare costs for the soldier and family, all the various allotments (such as housing allotment, special schools pay, seperation pay, hazard pay, combat pay) it comes pretty close to being competitive with the pay/benefit packages you would/could earn working for a major corporation.  And no, i'm not a recruiter either :)

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Nope, I am not a recruiter.

And, $3700/month plus BAH & other benefits definitely beats being unemployed or underemployed.  You get healthcare, 3 square meals/day & shelter.  Not bad in these times of economic distress.  Then there is the school benefits.  But most of all it gives one a chance to do the most important thing- serve one's country.

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Still kind of crappy when you consider a Chief can have 16 years; a B.A, lots of sea duty, and lots of leadership and in-rate training and still only make $3700/mon.  That's not great pay.

...and yes, advancement slows down for many rates, meaning, despite good evaluations; great physical readiness, and number of awards and academical ability, a sailor may find his/her rating at a lull so that only a few are adanced each cycle. 

So one can be in longer then others and still not advance despite ability (others, meaning, people in OTHER ratings).


Ergh.  Hope you're not a recruiter or something.

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